Trademarking and patenting your business website design and functionality is a very important thing to do as this is something anybody can claim ownership of. A patent is the ownership of rights exclusively which are granted by a state to an inventor for some given period of time for detailed exposure of the invention to the public while trademarking on the other hand is the process of putting a word, phrase, symbol or a combination of words, phrases, or symbols that distinguishes the source of the goods or services of one person to those of the others. Find out how to patent an idea here. Trademarking and patenting are the main tools that any inventor uses to protect their inventions against those with ill intentions of falsely acquiring their own against the laws of the state. Trademarking and patenting your business website design and functionality has the following benefits:

1. It gives you the right to stop others from manufacturing, using, or selling your invention.

Since patenting and trademarking will make it public that the invention is rightfully yours, it makes it so hard for other people to produce the same product unless they are given the rights to do so by either you or the government otherwise you will enjoy the returns of the invention you made so long as the patent is still valid. 2. It gives you the chance to license someone else to manufacture or control your invention upon some agreed terms and conditions.

Patent rights entail you giving a contract to other persons to execute your invention at agreed terms and conditions which is beneficial to you as you will earn a lot without having to work much but just because of the idea behind what is being produced in your property.

3. It gives your trading partners the incentive to provide similar rights thus protecting your invention in the market.

Market protection is very important as it helps the product or service in market penetration hence earning you more money. It also encourages other people to continue with their innovative ways as they will see the sense of patents and trademarking thus promoting new technologies and pushing the existing ones to the limits.

Besides, if your invention is new and not yet publicly disclosed, and you can see that it has a great deal of commercial potential and you feel like you would like to protect it, then trademarking and patenting is the most appropriate option.

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